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Inspiration.  Resilience.  Community.

About Robert Jeffrey, founder.
In March 2018 after a long battle with a diabetic ulcer and a bone infection in his ankle, Rob lost his right leg below the knee.

After his amputation and during his rehabilitation, Rob found great support from others going through similar limb loss, and from others he met along the way at the hospital and Westpark. 

Rob was inspired by the resilience of all of those he met during his journey, and this eventually led him to get back on the ice and play sledge hockey.

Each amputee or person with a mobility issue has a story to tell.  Each of them a hero in their own right.  Their families and loved ones are also heroes in the love and support they offer along the way.

Launching The Mobility Club and Mobility Clubwear is Rob’s way of celebrating the community and bringing some light, joy, and hope (and hopefully some laughter too).
Sledge Hockey amputee